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End-of-Life CareEnd-of-Life Care

We know it is never easy to say

Exotics CareExotics Care

Here at Orchard Veterinary Care, we treat species

Digital ImagingDigital Imaging

Digital imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that


Vets aren’t just for sick pets. Annual veterinary

Large Animal ServiceLarge Animal Service

Large animal medicine generally refers to the treatment


Every year, thousands of pets go missing. Not

Laser TherapyLaser Therapy

At Orchard Veterinary Care, we offer cold laser

Dental CareDental Care

Dental care is vital to the health of

In-House LabsIn-House Labs

At Orchard Veterinary Care, our skilled veterinarians and

Welcome To Orchard Veterinary Care

Orchard Veterinary Care is proud to serve Clinton County and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service. If you have any questions about how we can care for your pet, please don’t hesitate to call us at (937) 383-0008. Thank you!