Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that helps us see what is happening internally. By utilizing radiography and ultrasonography, we are able to see what might be causing problems with your pet and determine the best treatment plan to get them feeling their best again. These procedures are very safe and performed by all of our highly trained staff members.

By utilizing digital radiography, we are able to immediately capture images for our veterinarians to help diagnose your pet. Radiography is a key element in viewing bones, as well as evaluating the heart, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract. We commonly use x-rays to diagnose fractures, heart enlargement, and intestinal obstructions. 

Our cutting-edge ultrasound machine is an additional tool to help visualize the inner workings of our patients without the use of radiation. We commonly use ultrasonography to confirm pregnancy, visualize the kidneys and bladder in depth, and evaluate blood flow in major vessels in the body.